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Tanzania Visa Requirement

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Planning a Tanzania Safari Tour? Remember, a Tanzania Visa is a must for all foreign nationals. To ensure a smooth journey, we highly recommend applying for your visa online beforehand. Simply visit the Tanzania Immigration website to conveniently apply and make payments using your credit card or bank transfer.

Tanzania Visa Requirements

Your Tanzania Visa Requirements include the following items:

  • Valid Passport – All citizens are required to have a valid passport which is valid for a minimum of six months until the day of completion of your safari.
  • Yellow Fever Certificate – In case you are passing through a country with a risk for yellow fever virus transmission, you must show a yellow fever certificate to the Immigration Officer when you land in Tanzania.
  • Methods of Payment – There are various methods of payment where multiple types of credit and debit cards like Visa and American Express are also accepted. You can also pay through the process of PayPal as a standard payment method.
  • Flight Itinerary – The Tanzanian Immigration Officials also ask about your flight itinerary.
  • Passport Digital Scan – You also need to upload a copy of your passport bio page for the e-Visa application, along with carrying two recent passport photos with you to enter Tanzania.

Tanzania Visa Types

Tanzania Visa: Your Comprehensive Guide

Planning your adventure in Tanzania? Ensure a smooth journey by understanding the intricacies of the six visa options available:

  1. Ordinary Visa (Single Entry Visa): This versatile visa is your gateway to Tanzania for various purposes, including attending conferences, exploring the diverse wildlife on safari, visiting family and friends, humanitarian efforts, or simply enjoying a leisurely holiday. Valid for up to 90 days for a single entry, it offers ample time to immerse yourself in the beauty of Tanzania.

  2. Business Visa: Tailored for professionals with specific business engagements in Tanzania, the Business Visa allows for short-term assignments, conducting meetings, making business contacts, feasibility studies, and other lawful business-related tasks. With a validity of up to 90 days, it facilitates seamless business transactions in the country.

  3. Multiple Entry Visa: If your travel plans involve frequent visits to Tanzania, the Multiple Entry Visa provides the flexibility you need. This visa is suitable for directors of companies registered in Tanzania who reside abroad, spouses of Tanzanian residents, representatives of international NGOs, government consultants, and others as determined by immigration authorities.

  4. Transit Visa: For travelers transiting through Tanzania en route to another destination, the Transit Visa is essential. Valid for a period not exceeding seven days, it allows for a smooth transit experience provided proof of onward travel and a visa for the destination country are presented.

  5. Gratis Visa: Academic pursuits in Tanzania are supported through the Gratis Visa, which is provided to individuals engaged in research, exchange programs, internships, volunteering, and prospective students admitted to recognized institutions. This visa is an opportunity for educational exploration and cultural exchange.

  6. Student Visa: Designed for students and their dependents traveling to Tanzania for educational purposes, the Student Visa accommodates holders of diplomatic, services, or official passports. Whether for a single entry or multiple entries, this visa facilitates the pursuit of academic excellence in Tanzania’s esteemed institutions.

Tanzania E-Visa Processing Time

The Tanzania Visa processing times are of three types:

  • Standard processing – Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 9 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Rush processing – Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 7 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.
  • Super Rush processing – Your e-Visa will arrive by email within 5 Business Days, and the e-Visa cost will be USD 100.00.

Tanzania Visa Cost

On your Tanzania Safari Tours, you can get a variety of types of visas depending on the purpose of your visit. The Tanzania Visa Cost is provided in the following table:

STUDENT VISA50, 250,550

Tanzania visa cost ranges from $50 to $550 depending on the type of visa and the duration of your stay.

Tanzania Visa On Arrival

Tanzania offers the convenience of Visa on Arrival to foreign nationals who are eligible for a Tanzania Visa. This means that travelers can obtain their visa upon arrival at Tanzanian airports or border crossings. However, it’s important to note that while this option exists, it’s often associated with long queues and potential delays at the airport. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to apply for a visa before visiting the country to streamline the entry process and avoid potential inconveniences.

Tanzania Visa for UK Citizens

For citizens of the United Kingdom planning a trip to Tanzania, a tourist or business visa is required for entry. The most efficient method of obtaining this visa is through the ‘e-visas’ system, which allows travelers to apply and receive their visa electronically before their departure. If opting for a single-entry visa on arrival, travelers must ensure they meet all immigration requirements and may be asked to provide evidence of their return journey. It’s important to note that multiple-entry visas cannot be obtained upon arrival and must be applied for in advance.

Tanzania Visa for U.S. Citizens

U.S. citizens can obtain their Tanzania visa online by completing the necessary application form, making the required payment, and submitting their application through the designated website. Upon submission, the application and accompanying documents will be reviewed and processed. Once approved, the visa will be issued for a fee of US$100.

Tanzania Visa Refund

According to the Refund Policy of the Tanzania High Commission, visa application fees are generally non-refundable, regardless of whether the application is successful or not. However, there are exceptions. If a traveler opts for expedited services such as same-day or next-day processing and their application is not processed within the specified timeframe, they may be eligible to request a refund for the additional service fee. It’s essential to review the specific refund policy and procedures outlined by the Tanzania High Commission for accurate information regarding refunds.

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